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Bahria town Karachi prices or BTK rates daily updates, get Bahria town Karachi latest prices and BTK rates today for Bahria town Karachi latest news.

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BTK Rates – Bahria Town Karachi Rates are increasing every day, so keeping the track of these BTK Rates Indicative is necessary for the investors to invest. DHA Times provides BTK Rates Update on a daily basis, we offer Bahria town karachi latest prices with a minimum and maximum price bracket. Bahria town Karachi rates are changing over time due to a very dynamic market so one always needs to know about the BTK rates today before buying in any precinct.

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BTK Rates – Bahria Town Karachi Rates 2022 – BTK Prices – Bahria Town Karachi Prices 2022

Bahria Apartments:

  • Precinct 19 (2 Bedrooms – 950 sq.ft): PKR 28K to 30K
  • Precinct 19 (3 Bedrooms – 2250 sq.ft): PKR 45K to 55K
  • Precinct 19 (4 Bedrooms – 2950 sq.ft): PKR 55K to 65K

BTK Rates Today – Bahria Town Karachi Prices Today

Due to this, we provide BTK Rates Update on a daily basis to give the BTK Rates True Value to investors as it is very difficult in the current situation to physically visit the offices of Bahria Town Karachi regarding Bahria Town Karachi Rates. In this way, they can sit at their homes and offices and can know about BTK Rates Today Instant Offers.

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BTK Current Rates Today bahria town karachi prices 2022

Bahria Town Karachi – BTK is the most demanded real estate property in Karachi due to the luxurious amenities and international and state of the art infrastructure. The investors are looking for the BTK Rates Daily to look for a property in this society to invest in.

For Latest BTK Rates Update Visit Our Website on Daily Basis

The properties of BTK are very profitable and are giving the investors a huge profits and high ROI.

BTK Rates – Bahria Town Karachi Rates – BTK Prices

Residential Plots:

RESIDENTIAL – 125 Sq. YardMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
Precinct 10B2,400,0003,400,000
Precinct 11B2,100,0003,000,000
Precinct 12 Ali Block3,400,0006,500,000
Precinct 143,100,0004,100,000
Precinct 152,900,0004,000,000
Precinct 15A1,800,0002,800,000
Precinct 231,300,0001,700,000
Precinct 241,200,0001,500,000
Precinct 251,500,0002,000,000
Precinct 25ARefundableRefundable
Precinct 261,300,0001,300,000
Precinct 26ARefundableRefundable
Precinct 271,800,0004,000,000
Precinct 281,300,0001,300,000
Precinct 29A,B,C,D850,000950,000
Precinct 311,600,0002,600,000
Precinct 32A,B,C,D750,000750,000
Precinct 61900,0001,000,000
Precinct 62900,0001,000,000
RESIDENTIAL – 250 Sq. YardMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
Precinct 112,000,00018,500,000
Precinct 66,300,0009,500,000
Precinct 85,900,00010,500,000
Precinct 124,600,0005,600,000
Precinct 165,200,0008,000,000
Precinct 212,000,0002,500,000
Precinct 222,700,0003,600,000
Precinct 302,900,0004,500,000
Precinct 321,600,0003,000,000
RESIDENTIAL – 500 Sq. YardMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
Precinct 411,300,00017,000,000
Precinct 910,800,00017,500,000
Precinct 15B7,000,0009,000,000
Precinct 1711,000,00015,000,000
Precinct 27 A8,000,00010,000,000
Precinct 297,000,0009,000,000
Precinct 335,000,0006,500,000
RESIDENTIAL – 1000 Sq. YardMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
Precinct 715,000,00020,000,000
Precinct 1719,000,00025,000,000
Precinct 1819,000,00025,000,000

Bahria Sports City:

Bahria Sports City is an address where energy and leisure live in harmony. Sports City hosts extensive sports facilities and is the home to Pakistan’s largest Rafi Cricket Stadium inspired by Dubai International Cricket Stadium. Facilities and comforts make the Bahria Sports City Villas more attractive.

Investors and residents want to live here to enjoy these contemporary facilities not available in any other society in Pakistan at one place. Investors want to know the BTK currents rate today for Bahria Sports City.  The latest prices for BTK Sports City are given below briefly.

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btk rates – btk prices – btk rates today

BAHRIA SPORT CITY – 250 Sq. YardMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
Precinct 34500,0001,500,000
Precinct 40-800,000300,000
Precinct 42-1500,000-1,000,000
Precinct 44-1,800,000-1,200,000
Precinct 45-1,800,000-1,200,000
BAHRIA SPORT CITY – 350 Sq. Yard VILLAMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
Precinct 3513,500,00019,000,000
BAHRIA SPORT CITY – 500 Sq. YardMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
Precinct 36-1,600,0001,000,000
Precinct 37-15,000,000+500,000
Precinct 41-43% File Rate-48% File Rate
Precinct 42A-42% File Rate-45% File Rate
Precinct 43-43% File Rate-48 File Rate
BAHRIA SPORT CITY – 1000 Sq. YardMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
Precinct 362,000,0004,000,000
Precinct 371,500,0003,500,000
Precinct 38-800,000600,000
Precinct 39-800,000600,000

Bahria Paradise:

As the name indicates, Bahria Town Karachi Paradise is a beautiful real estate project with lush green grass and serene environment. The main theme of BTK Paradise is inspired by the Central Park, New York, USA.

Living in Bahria Paradise is a dream comes true. Every day you wake up to the peaceful and untroubled morning and look up to the lush green spaces in Bahria Paradise. Bahria Paradise is the new name of exemplary luxury living.

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*View Our Daily Updated Bahria Town Lahore Rates*

Investors always want to know the BTK currents rate today for investment in Bahria Paradise. The latest prices for BTK Paradise are given below briefly.

 BAHRIA PARADISE  – 250 Sq. YardMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
Precinct 46-43% File Rate-48% File Rate
Precinct 47-900,000-1,600,000
Precinct 48-1,800,000-2,200,000
Precinct 49-1,200,000-1,400,000
Precinct 52-43% File Rate-48% File Rate
Precinct 53-43% File Rate-48% File Rate
Precinct 54-43% File Rate-48% File Rate
BAHRIA PARADISE  – 500 Sq. YardMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
Precinct 50Level800,000 (Own)
Precinct 51Level1,000,000
Precinct 53-1,800,000-1,000,000
Precinct 54-1,300,000-8000,000
Precinct 55-1,300,000-800,000
Precinct 58-1,500,000-800,000
BAHRIA PARADISE – 500 Sq. Yard VILLAMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
Precinct 51-1,200,000500,000
BAHRIA PARADISE – 1000 Sq. YardMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
Precinct 56-1,200,000500,000
Precinct 57-1,200,000500,000
Precinct 58-1,500,000500,000

Bahria Golf City:

Bahria Golf City is following the world-class development standards and is overlooking the green fairways and a 36-hole championship golf course. This gated community offers security around the clock and maintenance with beautiful and picturesque roads and streets and easy access to the golf club.

Due to these amenities, investors always want to know the BTK currents rate today for investment in Bahria Golf City. The latest prices for BTK Golf City are given below briefly.

 BAHRIA GOLF CITYMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
500 Sq. Yard5,000,0008,000,000
1000 Sq. Yard19,000,00025,000,000
2000 Sq. Yard30,000,00040,000,000

Bahria Hills:

Bahria Hills by Bahria Town Karachi is situated in Precinct 9 and is a successful ongoing project in Bahria Town. This residential society is situated on a hill as evident by the name and is a state of art development project which has integrated the concepts of hill station, comfortable and serene environment and the contemporary lifestyle.

Due to these luxurious amenities, investors always want to know the BTK currents rate today for investment in Bahria Hills. The latest prices for BTK Bahria Hills are given below briefly.

BAHRIA HILLSMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
500 Sq. Yard28,500,00033,000,000

Bahria Homes:

Bahria Homes offer an elegant lifestyle at affordable prices, making them perfect for the different family sizes of residents and investors. This society provides the state of the art amenities and world class facilities to its residents to make their lifestyle more luxurious and contemporary.

Due to these luxurious amenities and facilities, investors always want to know the BTK currents rate today for investment in Bahria Homes. The latest prices for BTK Bahria Homes are given below briefly.

BAHRIA HOME  – 500 Sq. YardMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
Precinct 11B ( 150 Sq. Yard)9,500,00012,500,000
Precinct 11A  (200 Sq. Yard)1,380,0001,680,000
Precinct 27 (200 Sq. Yard)10,000,00013,000,000
Precinct 31 (200 Sq. Yard)9,000,00012,500,000
Precinct 2 Quaid Villa19,500,00024,500,000
Precinct 2 Iqbal Villa14,000,00018,500,000


Bahria Apartments are state-of-the-art modern apartments combining practicality with great comfort and luxury. With spectacular views of Bahria Town Karachi from Bahria Apartments, one can enjoy the beautiful and picturesque views of the society. The apartments come in sizes of 2, 3, and 4-bed room layouts. Modern infrastructure with international fixtures and fittings make these Apartments a true beam of luxury.

Due to these luxurious amenities and facilities, investors always want to know the BTK currents rate today for investment in Bahria Apartments. The latest prices for BTK Apartments are given below briefly.

Apartments- Precinct 19Minimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
2 Bed Apartments (950 sq. ft.)6,800,0008,500,000
3 Bed Apartments (2250 sq. ft.)14,500,00016,000,000
4 Bed Apartments (2950 sq. ft.)19,500,0002,5000,000
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Bahria Town had been regularly introducing new commercial areas to attract potential buyers on progressive rates prevailing in the market.  These commercial projects also have rates that are available in every range. Any investor from different income groups can easily invest in these commercial projects.

The rate and popularity of the above commercials differ from each other considering location, approach, current and future utilization, and of course, the market trend set by the investors and dealers.  But if the value of the commercials is wrongly assessed, then it can create huge hassles for both investors and property dealers.

Due to this, investors always want to know the BTK currents rate today for investment in Bahria commercials. The latest prices for BTK commercials are given below briefly.

COMMERCIAL PLOTS  – 125 Sq. YardMinimum (Full)Maximum (Full)
Midway Commercial -A Side25,000,00035,000,000
Midway Commercial -B Side35,000,00040,000,000
Precinct 38-800,000600,000
Precinct 39-800,000600,000

Bahria Town’s Karachi – A Luxury Lifestyle

Bahria Town Karachi is considered to be the benchmark for other societies over the whole country. Families and Investors feel privileged to reside and invest in Bahria Town Karachi. Bahria Town Karachi caters to all the needs-from basic and civic needs to luxurious wants- of its residents and investors and makes them feel special. Education, entertainment, Health facilities, commercial needs, sports opportunities, and beautifully designed Mosques are part of the magnificent Bahria Town Karachi.

Rafi Cricket Stadium, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Day and Night Safari, Bahria Adventura, Saudi German Hospital, Bahria Danzoo, Eiffel Tower, Bahria Theme Park, Bahria Carnival, Dancing Fountains, Grand Jamia Masjid, Central Park, and the Taj Mahal is present for the leisure and entertainment of the residents here.

Designed with a neighborhood concept to provide outstanding facilities to its residents, it has introduced new benchmarks of community development and the attention to detail guarantees that all amenities and services imaginable by the human mind are available which were unimaginable in Pakistan. Bahria Town Karachi is located only 20 minutes’ drive from Karachi International Airport.

Bahria Town Karachi has always provided projects sooner than its completion dates. We can see different projects at the final stage and many more will be final in the coming future.

Daily Updated Property Prices in Bahria Town Karachi

At present, Bahria Town Karachi has different precincts which are in different phases of development. The properties are also different according to the location across the society. BTK Latest Prices are available on different websites but either it’s been a while when BTK Rates were updated or the real estate market is so dynamic that BTK Rates True Value on one day becomes wrong the very other day.

Daily Updated Bahria Town Karachi Rates – BTK Rates

We update Daily Rates Bahria Town Karachi to facilitate our investors. You can easily find the current Bahria Town Karachi Daily Rates of different PrecinctsBahria ParadiseBahria Sports CityLiberty CommercialsMidway CommercialsBahria HeightsBahria Paradise VillasBahria Sports VillasQuaid VillasIqbal Villas, and Bahria Homes in different Precincts.

Bahria Town Karachi – Investment Opportunities

Bahria Town Karachi also is a big name in terms of commercial investment and provides many different high ROI projects such as Jinnah CommercialsLiberty CommercialsBahria Town Tower, and many projects by private developers.

Bahria Town Karachi – “A City within a City”

Bahria Town Karachi is a “city within a city” which is a living community with thousands of residents in its different world-class projects.

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