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DHA Lahore Property Rates

In all the cities of Pakistan, Defense Housing Authority has its own reputation and status. People always prefer to live in DHA when they are about to make their homes. This status of this area has always been high due to its luxurious facilities and peaceful environment. Everyone desires to buy a house in this area that is why the property rates here are little bit higher than other areas. But, the facilities which are provided here compel us to choose this area to live and the person who has once lived in this area faces difficulty in living in some other areas lately. DHA has its value in all the cities including Lahore, Karachi, and other cities.

When it comes to Lahore, the DHA of Lahore has always been an ideal place for every Pakistani. Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan and the people who dwell here have great charm and enthusiasm. In the world, it is the 18th most populous city because of its unique culture and history. The city has all the entertainment and amusements a person can think of about an ideal city. The nationally recognized corporate, DHA of Lahore offers modern living styles to people of Pakistan. Property rates in DHA Lahore are quite nominal as compared to the luxurious and modern facilities provided here. Here you are offered residential and commercial plots and buildings with great atmosphere in quite reasonable rates. Whether Kanal or Marla, in both of the measurements, you will find the rates which you can afford easily.

On this website, you can easily evaluate DHA Lahore property rates. You can also sell and buy houses here. We have stood to facilitate you about the property rates of this area. The rates you find here are quite accurate and realistic and you can rely on these rates while buying property in DHA Lahore.


DHA Lahore Size in Marlas Price in Rupees
9 Town 5 Marlas 49 to 69 Lacs
9 Prism 20 Marlas 77 to 150 Lacs
9 Prism 10 Marlas 50 to 75 Lacs
9 Prism 5 Marlas 29 to 50 Lacs
8 40 Marlas 300 to 565 Lacs
8 20 Marlas 120 to 290 Lacs
8 10 Marlas 55 to 120 Lacs
8 5 Marlas 28 to 46 Lacs
7 40 Marlas 245 to 275 Lacs
7 20 Marlas 100 to 240 Lacs
7 10 Marlas 58 to 106 Lacs
6 40 Marlas 320 to 560 Lacs
6 20 Marlas 132 to 275 Lacs
6 10 Marlas 75 to 145 Lacs
6 5 Marlas 55 to 73 Lacs
5 40 Marlas 475 to 650 Lacs
5 20 Marlas 140 to 320 Lacs
5 10 Marlas 80 to 120 Lacs
4 20 Marlas 180 to 290 Lacs
4 10 Marlas 150 to 170 Lacs
3 20 Marlas 225 to 310 Lacs
2 40 Marlas 475 to 600 Lacs