Saiban 14th Anniversary Celebration 2nd May 2016

The competent and professional staff celebrates the 14th anniversary of Saiban Associates on 2nd May, 2016. The real estate company was launched in 2000 by Mr. Farooq Zafar Nizami, the CEO of Saiban Associates. The main branch of Saiban Company is located in DHA Lahore, while it also has branches in Islamabad, Dubai, Faisalabad and Jhelum. The experienced staff further includes Mr. Iqbal Zafar Nizami who is Managing Director, and Mr. Hassan Farooq who is Operations Executive. With 14 years completion of Saiban Associates in the real estate market, the grown-up company aims to achieve the status of most trusted real estate agency and leave a mark in the history of real estate.

Here are exclusive photos of 14th anniversary celebration:








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