Investment Advice for DHA Lahore for 2016

Whether you are a local native or an international foreigner with a desire to invest, DHA Lahore will make a sound investment. Since its early beginnings, DHA Lahore has offered investors the returns they are looking for and more. It continues to grow considerably and has no desire to stop that any time soon. There is investment potential for just about anyone with a desire to place their money and get a decent return.  Even people with limited funding will have an opportunity available to them. DHA is home to large recreational areas.  Their green development initiative has seen the continuous development of parks, golf courses and outdoor modern sports arenas. Home real estate continues to grow to accommodate all income types. Commercial development is at an all time high as well.

As 2016 rolls in, the opportunities to make money in DHA Lahore are still ever present. There are three main areas which investment continues to excel for DHA.

Living Real Estate Options

DHA has many opportunities within the home sectors. From small homes for those with limited income to sprawling hill side mansions, Pakistani home real estate investors have a lot of places to put their finances into. Modest size homes continue to see growth. There are many home options out there. Buying and selling of small homes continues to be big business as individuals move into the area. Home sellers usually look to make a profit. While home buyers are families that see continued growth from within and look for larger homes.  The richer incomes have their choices of many larger home dwellings. There are luxury farm houses available with considerable acreage for living.   The purchase of mansion sized homes is doing good with investors as well.

Investments from Overseas Foreigners

Foreign investment has been huge in DHA since its conception.  Overseas investors continually purchase property in DHA as growth and maintenance remains high. In 2016 the government has created new fees and taxation that must be paid by foreign investors on their real estate investments. These new fees may stop investors temporarily. But that could change if new regulations are in place along with new policies. Otherwise foreign investment remains solid as ever in DHA.

Multiple Sectors to Choose From

DHA has developed several phases or sectors since it first started.  Each phase offered an investor much potential on their ROI.  Investors are always looking for the best returns in the best amount of time.  The newer phases (Work under process in DHA Phase 9) seem to be providing the best ROI and within the best time frames these days in 2016. Much of the older phases still have some investor offerings available. However most are limited or much smaller than what they could get in a newer phase.

Currently the best places to invest in DHA are in Phases VIII & Prism XI and DHA Lahore Ivy Green.  Property possession can be as soon as within the year for VIII and XI.  DHA Lahore Ivy Green is offering possession in much less time. Infrastructure work will be taking place there adding to its value and investment worthiness.

All in all there is still much potential for real estate investors in DHA Lahore.  Although development may have slowed a bit last year 2016 promises more growth and better returns on investments.

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