Best commercial hubs for furniture in Lahore

Whether you are planning on getting married or are simply planning on revamping the outlook of your home, furniture always plays an integral part in the entire process. This blog gives you a starting point with regards to where to go for furniture in Lahore.

Read on below to find out which places you should see if you plan on changing your furniture.

Firstly, let us discuss the online stores that cater to this segment. There are a multitude of online stores that cater to this segment. Some of them are listed below.

Sixth Houzz

This site has an extensive variety of trendy, present day, and rich furniture accessible on the web. You will discover entire accumulations and painstakingly picked singular pieces to take your pick from. A gigantic reward of requesting from this organization is that they attempt the entire unloading and establishment process themselves when they deliver your items.


This place has a wide assortment of home furniture and spends significant time in great wooden pieces. It even has doors in various styles. On the off chance that you like a specific door, the organization will send an agent to your home to take the proper estimations and fix the door effectively. For other items on the site, you simply need to pick the piece you need and it will be transported to your doorstep.


This site gives purchasers a wide assortment of furniture to browse. From exemplary wooden beds to present day acrylic tables, this organization has it all. It has an arrangement of different designers and experts and the assorted variety of their collection emulates that. It ships furniture everywhere throughout the nation and will plan and send your request speedily.

While these were the virtual stores that one could access, let us now indulge the people who are more hands-on with the entire furniture buying process and don’t mind exploring the brick and mortar stores that Lahore has to offer.

Some of the most prominent places in Lahore are as follows.


This is a one of its kind shopping haven for people looking to buy furniture items. From room fixtures to flooring to furniture, one can find it here.

Shah Alam Market

This old market inside the Walled City has been around since pre-partition times and you can locate each possible thing you could need here. From upholstery and furniture to various decoration pieces, you can locate a wide assortment of things to suit your taste and fit any financial plan. With winding boulevards connected to whatever remains of the Walled City, you can make your outing there a touring and in addition a shopping trip.

Academy Road

Located under the Jinnah Flyover the minute you cross the railway track from Gulberg’s side, this entire market is of furniture makers who make everything on order. Not only that, the furniture options are extremely affordable and they rival the likes of Interwood and Habitt. A decent bed set including side tables and a dresser in Sheesham would start around PKR 130,000.

So, these were the top areas to get good furniture from. Would you consider buying from these localities? What are some of the other localities that buyers should look at? Talk to us in the comments section below.

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