DHA Lahore Investment Advice – 2016

DHA Lahore Investment Advice – 2016

The city of Lahore exhibits a host of lifestyle variations. There you will find various properties of lavish designs. There are some golf course communities for those inclined to the sport. Large farmhouses, posh housing societies with designer homes can also be found in Lahore. Mansions can be seen with large sprawling acreage scattered around as well. There are also homes for the less wealthy. You can easily find modest homes that will fit a basic home owner needs with no major frills and at an affordable price.

Despite it’s up and down real estate trends through the years, DHA Lahore is still a very sound investment to make. Much needed changes have been made in security making people feel more secure in purchasing property there. People still continue to migrate to Lahore from both rural and metropolitan areas in large numbers. It is primarily due to the peacefulness of the area. The improvement to law and order security issues has helped dramatically. Security is tightened where before it was lacking. Lahore still continues to pull in investors and serious property buyers. This includes both the seriously wealthy and middle income population.

Depending on what kind of property you are looking for, Lahore has available property of all sizes. Knowing where to invest in Lahore can be daunting to some with so many options. But there is help available for investors. Real estate agents are continuously flocking to DHA for sales and have the best leads available.

Investing in DHA Lahore is considered to be one of the best real estate endeavors around. Whether you are investing in a short term project or a long term plot, you will get a great return on your investments. Wealthy investors consider DHA Lahore a top choice market in real estate and are expected to invest there for many years to come.

Foreign Investors

Overseas investors are expected to continue sending their money to Pakistan for real estate investments. One area of concern is with government interest in DHA Lahore. The government has imposed or implemented new fees and taxes in real estate. However, the government is not regulating the sector. This sometimes prevents overseas investors from doing any investing. If the government would implement a change in rules and regulations along with creating policies would attract in more foreign buyers.

Investing in Luxury property or average homes

Once it is decided on investing in DHA Lahore, the next question is where to place the investments for the most on returns. So it comes down to the class of wealth one has. Wealthy investors and buyers are choosing to purchase luxury properties. Whereas, the people belonging to middle income are choosing to put their money into average homes or properties for the long haul.

Which location to choose

DHA Lahore has developed many phases since its beginnings decades ago. Investors want to put their money in the area where they will get best ROI or return on investment. DHA Lahore has a few good options to choose from each with its own time frame on ROI. The newer phases are more likely to provide a decent ROI. There are some phase options that have already reached their peak and will offer limited or no ROI.

Phase VIII and Prism XI are the best locations right now where an investor can confidently expect a good return within a year or less. Development work is underway in areas of Phase VIII. It is believed that there will be offerings for property possession within the year. If priority is an issue, then look to DHA Lahore Ivy Green. This location sector is considered to be important as there will be infrastructure work done there. This is one of the better places for investing in 2016.

Anyone looking for small investments should look into Prism IX. This area is becoming widely populated and in high demand. You can invest a small amount and expect a high return on this sector. Development is expected in early 2016. This is one of DHA’s largest phases and the most active. Prices are consistently rising and are expected to jump even more once further ground breaking begins. For short term investment, the positive effects will be seen in ground breaking in sectors that are closer to the Prism IX’s main entrances. You can buy blocks as soon as possible and expect a decent rise in price in the short term.

Two other good areas of investment are in the areas of Bahria Orchard and in Chinar Bagh. Bahria Orchard is a project off of Bahria Town in Lahore. Bahria is opening two new phases both Phase II and Phase III. Bahria is purchasing up large areas of land for development. Though ground has not been broken yet, Phase II will see the movement of real estate agent offices due to the reposition of Bahria’s main office. It is expected many agents will move locations. To make a sound investment in Bahria Orchard you should choose available plots that are on ground and now ready for possession.

Choosing to invest in Chinar Bagh is becoming a better investment by the day. Part of the reason is due to the Bahria Orchard development being so close in fact it is next to Chinar Bagh. Prices were at a decent rate before the Bahria development but now they are spiking up steadily as construction progresses. Also new gas and sewage pipelines on Raiwind Road a prime area itself have affected the price increases in the Chinar Bagh.

For those wanting to invest but are limited on funds there are options available with 5 marla and 10 marla plots. Currently these are still a great option for investments.

All in all DHA Lahore is still a favorite place to put your money in. 2016 is expected to bring in more investors and money into the area. So things are looking up in the real estate market there. How long the upward trending will continue remains to be seen. But for now it is a safe investment to make for a good financial return.